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 Massage Services



Swedish Massage - A basic massage for general relaxation, muscle tension, stress and circulation. Soothing, light to medium touch with scent-free oils and/or lotion.

    1/2 Hour $50    1 Hour $70.00        Hours 1½  $120



Deep Muscle Therapy - Advanced massage techniques designed for chronic pain reduction, soreness, tight muscles and joints. Use of hot and/or cold packs, trigger point therapy, and range of motion techniques. Especially good for neck, back, and leg pain. There is use of oil and/or lotion and stain-free analgesic (herbal pain relief trestment).

    1/2 Hour $55     1 Hour $80     1½ Hours $120  


Vito's Caesar's Treat Double Massage - Four hands are better than two! Enjoy the soothing touch of two massage therapists. It's your choice of light to medium touch or techniques in deep muscle therapy. This session offers twice the relief of stress and tension, which is truly a treat!

   1/2 Hour N/A    1 Hour $170       1½ Hours $240


Couples Massage -

Call for details on this amazing experience!

  1/2 Hour N/A    1 Hour $220       1½ Hours $280

Hot Stone Massage - Relax your body and mind with gliding strokes and oiled stones. With this popular type of massage you will allow your muscles to completely relax!

  1/2 Hour N/A    1 Hour $95      1½ Hours $142


Reflexology Massage - Hand and foot massage using fingers and thumb pressure to stimulate the reflex points that refer to all the major internal organs, muscles, nerves, joints, and spinal column. This also assists in removing toxins that build up in the system due to gravity and weak circulation.

  1/2 Hour $42    1 Hour $70     


 We have special packages available upon request. Please contact our office or come into our facility for more information.


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